EZ Kayak Launch: Enjoy Kayaking Without Getting Wet

If you love kayaking but hate getting wet, the EZ Kayak Launcher is perfect for you! It’s designed to give you stability and security while you launch your kayak into the lake.


It’s made in one piece, and the integrated paddle notches make launching and docking safe and easy—no more tipping over and getting wet! Even as water levels change, you’ll still be secure as you launch or dock.


No matter what your experience level is or how cold the water is, the EZ Kayak Launcher helps to remove those barriers. The innovative floating dock design makes the dock lightweight and easy to use—it’s perfect for beginner or experienced paddlers!


With the stability the dock provides, you can extend your paddling season into cooler months because your feet don’t touch the cold water. It’s perfect for people with disabilities who couldn’t access the water before!


If you love paddling and canoeing, you’ll love this floating dock!


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Watch the demo down below!


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EZ Kayak Launcher