Porta Puppy Poop Scoop: The Bag Carrier with a Built-in Scoop

Do you hate actually touching your pet’s poop when out for long walks? The Porta Puppy Poop Scoop is perfect for you! It’s designed to carry your puppy’s poop bags and scoop up the waste.


Picking up your dog’s business is a necessary evil—it’s disgusting, but it’s a social courtesy. And in some places, it’s the law. But the Porta Puppy is designed to make this necessary task as least disgusting as possible!


It starts out as a bag carrier, transforms into a scoop, and converts back into a bag carrier quickly and easily! Slide the hoop cap away from you and rotate the hoop. Insert your bag and fold the edges around the hoop—you’re ready to pick up your pet’s poop.


When you’re finished picking up the waste, shake your hand from side to side and the bag will slide through the hoop and into the garbage. You never touch the poop during the entire process! Plus, it has a belt hook for added convenience.


If you hate touching your pet’s poop, you need this scoop!


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Watch the demo down below!


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Porta Puppy Poop Scoop