Fisher-Price Sling ‘n’ Seat: Bathe Your Baby Easily

Do you have a hard time bathing your baby in the sink or bathtub? The Fisher-Price Sling ‘n’ Seat bath tub is perfect for you! It’s designed to make bath time fun for parents and kids.


It’s a four-stage convertible bath center: the soft mesh sling is great for newborns, a baby stopper insert to prevent slipping and sliding inside the tub, a support for unsteady sitters, and a spacious toddler tub.


It’s designed to transform as your baby ages, allowing your child to feel secure and comfortable in the tub no matter what their age. The first stage cradles the newborn at just the right amount of water to give their child security.


Stage two puts the baby at a gentle recline on a soft-foam surface that prevents sliding around the tub. Stage three is a perfect transition, letting your child feel supported when they’re unsteady and giving the parents full access for washing.


Stage four is perfect for when your child is a toddler, ready to bathe themselves!


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