Ovis Suitcase: The World’s First AI-Controlled Travelling Bag

If you hate dragging your suitcase around the airport or train station, the Ovis Suitcase is perfect for you! It’s designed to travel with you as you move.


It’s TSA approved and has a removable battery—it also has a full power bank on board to keep your devices charged at all times! The suitcase has computer vision algorithms, letting your suitcase follow you at your side and avoiding obstacles.


It’s made of durable and lightweight materials, ensuring it lasts you for many years to come. It’s also waterproof to hold up against the elements. All these features give you a worry-free and safe travelling experience, no matter how you get there!


The suitcase also has an anti-theft lock and a location tracker to add to the security—never lose your belongings again! Don’t want your suitcase to follow you around anymore? No problem—it easily switches back to traditional mode.


If you want travelling to be an easier experience, you need this suitcase!


Available Here.


Watch the demo down below!


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Ovis Suitcase
Available in four colors