The Fishing Caddy 2.0: The Ultimate Fishing Companion

If you know someone who loves fishing in the great outdoors, look no further for the perfect Christmas gift! The Fishing Caddy is designed to be the ultimate companion during all your fishing adventures.

The caddies have high-quality parts—it’s made in the USA, and it has a premium UV coated scratch resistant label that won’t wear off with the elements. There’s a large cupholder for your large thermos—you’ll be hydrated all day long.


The caddy also has premium rod holders that are both durable and convenient. Your rods are closer to you, ensuring you can sink your hooks in just seconds! Plus, the rod holders are weather and scratch resistant—they’re made from the same materials as camping stakes.


The caddy has bright, waterproof LED lights that brighten your path as you walk, helping you notice bites quicker if you like to do your fishing at night. It’s also extremely portable, letting you move spots quickly.


The Blue Ice XL model has a tackle box lid with 14 compartments—it’ll hold your bait, hooks, and whatever you need for a successful fishing trip! You don’t even need to bring baskets—you can store your fish inside the bucket.


The tackle box is strong enough to support up to 500 lbs of weight—you can sit on it as you go fishing. There’s also a pattern you can cut that lets you add fish to your bucket while you’re sitting down!


If you know someone who’s obsessed with fishing, they need this caddy for their next trip!


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