LOXI: The Anti-Theft and Waterproof Bag for Your Bike

Are you worried about your stuff getting stolen when you’re riding your bike? The LOXI Anti-Theft and Waterproof bag is perfect for you! It’s designed to keep your things secure without taking up a ton of space.


With this bag, you can carry whatever need in a compact space—your valuables are secure in the safe and waterproof rear trunk case. Safely store your accessories and feel completely free while you do your thing.


It’s made of a a slash-proof fabric with cut resistant level five, and it has waterproof PVC canvas on the exterior. Plus, the top roll closure system makes the bag completely secure and waterproof throughout the day.


The cable lock has a four-digit combination, ensuring only you have access to your stuff. Forget the combination? You can easily reset it and get a new code. It also has a nine liter capacity—enough to hold your helmet and other accessories!


It can also be an additional lock for your bike.


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LOXI Anti-Theft and Waterproof Bag