FitBark 2: The Fitness Tracker for Your Dog

Are you concerned that your dog isn’t getting enough activity in the day? The FitBark 2 is perfect for you! It’s designed to monitor the overall health of your dog throughout the day and night.


The gadget can track your pet’s activity levels, quality of sleep, distance travelled, calories burned, and overall health 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is perfect for the pet who has health issues!


It has a battery life of up to six months, and it’s tough and rugged, keeping up with your dog’s busy lifestyle! It can fit dogs of any size, and it’s completely waterproof—perfect for swimming! You can link your own wearable fitness tracker and watch as the two of you form healthy habits.


With the FitBark health index and sleep score, you can track your dog’s anxiety, skin conditions, and mobility. You can catch illnesses early, and track the development of existing conditions. Plus, the app works on iOS and Android devices!


If you want to get healthy with your dog, check out this gadget!


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FitBark 2 Activity Tracker