Ori FuseProject: Get the Most Out of Your Small Space

If you live in a small apartment, Ori FuseProject is perfect for you! It’s designed to transform your living space, making the most out of your home.


With more and more young professionals moving to large cities, living accommodations are getting smaller and smaller. This living solution combines a bedroom, office space, living room, and closet in a 200-300 square foot apartment.


It’s a robotic furniture system that can transform your apartment with the push of a button. A bed is hidden in the bottom of the unit, gliding in and out easily. When it’s tucked in, the bed rests underneath the closet, office, and couch.


When you activate it, the unit slides in and out to turn into a bedroom or a larger living room. One side of the unit has a full closet, but it can hide a desk. The other side has a media center perfect for entertaining.


Plus, each room can be preset for a space!


For more information on the Ori FuseProject, check out the company’s website here.


Watch the demo down below!


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