Fliprocks: Fish, Hike and Go Anywhere in the Same Flip Flops

Perfect for those who hate having their flip-flops always falling off, these revolutionary flip-flops will stay snug on your feet.

The FlipRocks feature a heel strap, unlike traditional flip flops where it allows you to move comfortably and freely without the fear of them falling off.

The FlipRocks are built to have toe-guards on the front of the flip-flop adding protection to your toes against any nasty toe stubs, letting you trek virtually anywhere.

Along the side of a comfortable top sole, the main vessel of the FlipRocks is made to transform into multi-use flip flops.

For raging rivers, flowing streams, or even rugged terrain, the FlipsRocks have a rubber gripping pad specifically designed for each and every terrain.

Whether you are using your FlipRocks for standing in rivers or hiking through dense forest, the FlipRock flip-flop will give you confidence in stability but also give the chance for your feet the breathe.

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FlipRocks Flip-Flops
All 3 pads Included – 3 colors available


FlipRocks Kids Flip-Flops
2 colors available