ReefBoard Sea Sled Bodyboard: Snorkel for Hours and Keep Your Hair Dry

Perfect for those who want to peacefully look underwater without having to swim, this body board has a viewing window to view the underwater environment.

The ReefBoard sea sled is a deluxe sea sled bodyboard that is a great alternative to those who are uncomfortable with floating semi-submerged while breathing through a snorkel.

The ridged, stable floatation platform of the board allows for a safe and comfortable space, giving everyone a chance to admire the breathtaking surroundings.

The well-ventilated neoprene ‘dry mask’ blocks all ambient light and reflections giving you clear vision as to what you might find below.

With a recommended weight of 240lbs, try out the body board to get full vision to the underwater environment.

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below!


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ReefBoard Sea Sled Bodyboard