FunAir Slides and Climbing Walls: Inflatable Attractions Attach to Docks and Yachts

Have you ever wanted to add more fun to your cottage trip? Or maybe you want a more fun side to the classy, luxurious trip on a yacht. And sure there’s the traditional canoes, kayaks and swimming around in the water, but what if I told you, you could add a 19′ inflatable slide to your dock?

That’s right, now you can! It’s called the FunAir Inflatable Slides. The 14′ – 19′ inflatable slides can be attached to your boat dock or yacht for an adrenaline pumping slide like no other.

And for those who want an attraction the other way around, an inflatable climbing wall can be attached!

FunAir Inflatable Slides 1

FunAir Inflatable Slides 2

The slides and wall are made with heavy-duty constructed commercial grade PVC vinyl and hot air welded seams guaranteed to last through the entire boating season. It inflates and deflates in 40 minutes and set up time takes approximately 90 minutes to set up.

Each slide and wall is fully customizable with colors, logos and designs to perfectly fit your dock / boat’s specifications.

FunAir Inflatable Slides 3

The climbing wall comes with comfort grip handles and climbing ropes to scale the wall with ease. The grips fit for both your hands and feet and the knotted climbing ropes give you another fun way to climb.

FunAir Inflatable Slides 4

FunAir Inflatable Slides 5

If you’re looking for a way to make your 2 story boat dock or yacht more fun, these FunAir Inflatable Slides and climbing walls are the way to do it.

They’re great for large groups of people at camps, resorts, or just social shenanigans that will entertain kids and adults for hours.

FunAir Inflatable Slides 6

Available Here.

Watch the demo down below!


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