Wolffepack: Backpack Swings to Front for Easy Access to Items

Do you ever feel like it’s a chore taking off your backpack every 5-10 minutes to grab out items like your water bottle, a sweater, or more? Or maybe you’re travelling and it’s just much more convenient to have your bag in front of you so you have fast access to your items all the time.

Whatever the case may be, Wolffepack is the solution for you.

It’s a backpack that drops down and swings to the front for you to quickly access your items with just a push of a button.

Wolffepack 1

Wolffepack 2

To use the Wolffepack, simply press the button and pull on the handle, swing the bag from the back to your front, and then grab your items with your bag in front of you. When you’re finished searching for your items, pull the handle again to lock and dock your backpack again.

Wolffepack 3

Wolffepack 4

The Wolffepack is made of Dyneema, a high performance material used in space that is able to hold up to 300kg. It also contains carbon fibre, kevlar and neodymium magnets.

With this backpack, you’re able to access your items 4x faster than traditional backpacks.

Wolffepack 5

It’s perfect for use travelling, hiking, biking, on snow, with a camera, or even just with daily commute.

There are multiple models of the Wolffepack available to suit your need. The models vary in storage space as well as design.

Wolffepack 6

Wolffepack 7

Available Here.

Watch the demo down below!


Where To Buy

Various designs and models

$179 – $199+
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