Bundutop: Electric Rooftop Tent Lifts Up on Your Vehicle in Seconds

Do you ever feel like you need a better place to sleep when you’re travelling on the road? Or maybe you’re just on a long road trip and need a nice place to rest from stop to stop. Whatever the reason may be, this is the solution for you.

It’s called the Bundutop. The Bundutop is an electric rooftop tent that sets up in just 18 seconds! Simply hold down the button, and the tent begins to lift up from your vehicle.

Bundutop 1

Bundutop 2

Bundutop 3

The Bundutop is made with a full aluminum construction and weighs about 60kg when fully set up (equivalent to 3 full jerry cans). It also supports 20kg of weight so you can install a solar panel on top if you wish.

Bundutop 4

It lifts and lowers using a winch that’s installed inside. The winch is connected to ropes that run on bearings that pulls in the awnings and sides. The whole winch system is controlled with the press of a button and takes 18 seconds to lift or lower.

The side of the rooftop tent also comes equipped with a telescopic aluminum ladder.

Bundutop 5

Inside the Bundutop, there is a 100mm high density foam mattress, a 12 volt power outlet and overhead LED light for you to remain fully comfortable while resting.

The Bundutop is the perfect solution for those who travel & stop frequently, needing a place to rest without the long set up times and hassle.

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Available Here.

Watch the demo down below!


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