Eclipse Coin Knife: Everyday Carry Knife Morphs into a Coin

If pocket knifes weren’t cool enough for you, this morphing coin knife might do the trick.

It’s called the Eclipse. It’s an everyday carrying knife that can transform into the shape and size of a coin. Its small compact size allows you to carry it around on a keychain or lanyard while giving you the usability of a small and grippy knife.

Eclipse Coin Knife 1

Eclipse Coin Knife 2

Not only is the coin shape perfect for your pocket, purse or even as a necklace around your neck, but the Eclipse Coin Knife is also only 6mm thick. To put this in perspective, that’s about the same thickness as a walking liberty silver dollar coin (USD).

Eclipse Coin Knife 3

A finger notch helps you feel secure and comfortable while handling the knife while the handle is made from G10 FR-4 fiberglass epoxy. This material is the same material found on high-end pocket knives and even some gun handles.

Eclipse Coin Knife 4

Eclipse Coin Knife features a button lock design that snaps in place when the blade is opened and closed. This ensures that the knife doesn’t accidentally come undone when sitting in your pocket or anywhere else.

Eclipse Coin Knife 5

Eclipse Coin Knife 6

Whether you need to open boxes, packaging, or prepare food, the Eclipse Coin Knife can do it all. It comes in a variety of different colors to suit your style including: silver, black, blue and natural.

Perfect for those who want to carry a more compact and small pocket knife.

Eclipse Coin Knife 7

Available Here.

Watch the demo down below!


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