HOVR Leg Swing: Move And Exercise While Sitting At Your Office Desk

Do you ever feel like a slob / lazy when you’re sitting around at your office desk for 6 – 8 hours? Sure, you can stand up and take a break every now and then, but what you really need is a quick workout or something to get you active.

That’s why the HOVR was created. HOVR Leg Swing is an under the desk leg exercise that lets you burn 20% more calories than you usually would during your office shift.

But it’s not limited to just the office. HOVR Leg Swing can be used at your home as well. It’s great for elders, kids or those who just skipped leg day.

HOVR Leg Swing 1

HOVR Leg Swing 2

It’s easy to set up and attach to any wooden desk at least 1 inch thick. Simply open the box, and attach the fixture to the underside of your desk. For those who have a glass desk, the HOVR Leg Swing has a floor stand model that allows your swing to attach to the floor instead.

HOVR Leg Swing 3

HOVR Leg Swing 4

HOVR was designed to not only burn calories but also increase circulation. With better circulation and active moving, it also helps workers be more productive and get more work done without added distractions.

The HOVR is made with military grade construction so you can be sure that it’s durable and meant to last.

HOVR Leg Swing 5

With HOVR Leg Swing, you can create all types of mini leg workouts while at work such as: the basic swing, the helicopter, the side-to-side, or the calf raises.

It’s great for those looking to get a quick workout or be more active during their work shift!

HOVR Leg Swing 6

Available Here.

Watch the demo down below!


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