Supflex: Inflatable Paddle Board Fits in Your Backpack for Convenience

With a summer full of bright and sunny days, one of the most enjoyable things to do is to go out and hit the water. Now I know what you’re thinking, surfboard, kayaks, canoes and most water boards / crafts are long and clunky making it hard to transport.

But, what if I told you there was a paddle board that could fit into the size of your backpack?

It’s called the Supflex Paddleboard. The 6″ thick 10′ paddle board is inflatable, and can be rolled up to fit in a standard backpack. It’s perfect for the adventurer who’s always on the go!

Supflex 1

Supflex 2

The Supflex is made with double military-grade PVC layer construction with high pressure applied (15 psi) giving the board stability, maneuverability and speed. It’s so durable, you can even run it into rocks or drive over it with your vehicle!

Supflex 3

Included with the Supflex paddle board is a high pressure hand pump, removable fin, and a 3-piece adjustable aluminum paddle! It’s a complete package so that you’ll have everything you need in one!

Supflex 4

While the paddle board is rigid and strong, it’s still recommended for use on flat and calm water. It can be used to catch small waves to surf, but isn’t suggested for use with rougher waters.

Supflex 5

The boards can range from 10′ to 12’6″, giving comfortability to any rider’s size. There’s also a variety of designs and colors such as: blue, green, yellow and a flowery design.

Explore and start your own adventure using this inflatable stand up paddle board!

Supflex 6

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