GaffGun Tape Applicator: Tape Down Cables in Literal Seconds

This tape applicator will help reduce the time and effort spent trying to tape those annoying loose cables to the ground.

The GaffGun tape applicator is a gadget that is designed to tape down cables in a fraction of the time it usually takes.

By simply rolling the GaffGun over the cable you want to tape down, the tape will unroll by itself and stick to the floor with no need to readjust.

If you have ever tried tape down a long cable, you know it will take ages to properly align the tape on the floor with the cable and often times, the cable won’t be centered, leaving a tripping hazard.

With the GaffGun, there will be no worry and the loose cable on the ground will no longer be a risk.

Reducing the effort, pain, and trouble of taping down long, loose cables, the GaffGun will keep them neat and organized, reducing costly accidents.

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below!

Introducing the GaffGun™ from GaffGun on Vimeo.


Where To Buy

GaffGun Tape Applicator
Three Sizes Available

$219 – $259+