Beltbox Vocal Dampener: Perfect for Ambitious Shower Performers

Perfect for those aspiring singers or ambitious shower performers, this gadget will let you sing your heart out without annoying anyone around you.

The BeltBox is a vocal dampener that was designed for singers to be able to warm up and practice their vocals without actively disturbing their neighbors.

It is able to reduce the sound in the room up to 30 decibels which is like if everyone around you in the room was wearing earplugs.

The included strap also allows you to use the BeltBox hands-free to allow for easy and effortless use.

The BeltBox is waterproof for easy cleaning and can be even used in the shower just in case you want to muffle your “exceptional” rendition of the latest Ed Sheeran Song.

Available on Amazon and on their website.

Watch the demo video down below!


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BeltBox Vocal Dampener