ViperSwiper: Clear Up Those Dirty Side Windows

Perfect for the those who can never see through the dirty side windows, this gadget will clear up any mess for proper visibility and clear vision.

The Viper Swiper is a side window wiper that clears up wet windows by simply rolling the window down.

After carefully installing the Viper Swiper to the base of the window, you can effortlessly give your vehicle a factory-like finish and professional results with a fraction the time and money.

The Hi-endurance poly-rubber construction of the Viper Swiper ensures it will be durable for many seasons lasting up to one year and more.

With its ease of installation, the Viper Swiper will produce immediate results you will see leaving windows dirt, streak and watermark free.

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below!


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ViperSwiper Window Wiper