GlacierTek: The Cooling Vest for Humans and Dogs

If you tend to overheat when working in hot weather, the Glacier Tek cooling vests are perfect for you! They’re designed to be a lightweight cooling solution for both humans and dogs.


The dog version has adjustable straps to suit canines of any size, and it’s made with nylon mesh fabric for added durability. It has 1000 denier military-tough webbing and buckles for added protection, keeping you up with your active dog!


The child vest maintains a cool temperature of 59 degrees for up to two and a half hours, no matter how hot it is outside! It weighs around three pounds when filled with the cooling packs, and you can change the packs without taking off the vest.


The classic size has four large and four small cooling packs to cool down bodies of any size. The mesh material is easy to clean after getting dirty, and it weighs less than five pounds when filled with cooling packs!


If you constantly overheat, you should check out this option!


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Where To Buy

Glacier Tek Chilly Dog Cool Vest
Available in three colors


Glacier Tek Children’s Chilly Cool Vest
Available in four colors


Glacier Tek Classic Cool Vest
Available in two colors