Own Zone: The Headphones That Let You Hear the TV

Do you struggle to hear your TV over the noise in your home? Own Zone headphones are perfect for you! They’re designed to let you hear your favorite show or movie no matter what’s happening around you.


With the headphones, you’re surrounded by your sound without disturbing others. When you put the headphones on—before you even start watching your show—the noise from your home is blocked out, letting you enjoy what you want to watch!


It can connect to virtually any TV make or model in just seconds—simply plug it in to your TV’s audio out jack and set up the transmitter. It will wirelessly transmit the sound to your headphones, and you can adjust the volume right on the side.


The headphones can transmit wirelessly up to 100 ft, and the headband is fully adjustable. The earpads are completely comfortable, and you don’t need any Bluetooth to make it work! It’s perfect for use in the bedroom or in the living room.


If you struggle with hearing your TV, check out these headphones!


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Own Zone Headphones
Available in black and silver