Glideware: Say No More to Shifting Piles of Cookware

Wish you had more space in your cupboards?

Want to organize your pots and pans to easily get them when you need it?

The Glideware set will solve all of your problems!

Its a pull-out cabinet organizer for pots and pans that makes it easier than ever to store your pans when you need them.

Revolutionize your kitchen space and save the strain of constantly bending down to get a pan or lid.

Thanks to smooth-gliding ball bearings, this simple pull-out organizer allows you to store utensils, pans, and even lids in a super smart, quiet manner.

Designed to fit any standard-size base cabinet, it can carry up to 100 pounds meaning it can even be used for a full set of heavy cast iron pans.

The Glideware comes with 7 included hooks that will be perfect for any kitchen but can also be used anywhere else around the home.

Use it in your cabinets for you purses or even to organize your mops and brooms, the possibilities are endless!

Say no more to shifting piles of cookware to get the size you need and get yourself a Glideware Cabinet Organizer!

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below!


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Glideware Pull-out Cabinet Organizer