Homebiogas: Turn Your Food Waste into Energy

Do you have a lot of food waste and want to be more environmentally friendly? The Homebiogas system is perfect for you! It’s designed to transform your food waste and animal manure into energy, right in your back yard.


It works off-the-grid, reducing your carbon emissions by up to six tons annually! It’s a tool you can use to help mitigate climate change, and it can help you save up to $300 on cooking gas and fertilizer for your home.


Set up is easy—use the included guide to connect a few parts, and fill the digester with water. The simple assembly should only take an hour at most! You can feed up to 12 liters of food waste and 36 liters of animal manure.


It works best in warm climates—for best results, it should be used in climates with a day/night temperature of 68 degrees. However, you can adapt it for colder climates. For every kilo of food waste, the Homebiogas produces roughly 200 liters of biogas—the amount you need for roughly one hour of cooking.


The best part? The biogas produced is safer to use than propane gas!


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