Goat Steep Assist: Ladder Helps You Climb Steep Roof Tops

If you’ve ever done roof work, hang christmas lights or even just clean the gutter up there, you’ll understand the struggle and challenge of trying to climb up a steep roof.

The GOAT Steep Assist is a separate roof ladder that helps you safely climb up steep roofs with ease. The name comes from an actual goat, as they are known for going up and down the steepest of mountains with no challenge.

Goat Steep 1

Goat Steep 2

The GOAT Steep Assist comes in two packages: five 4′ poles or three 6′ poles. While the two packages differ for the length of your roof and weight of what you’re intending to carry, the concept is the same.

Goat Steep 3

Simply connect the poles together with the soft touch hook at the end that will grapple against the side of your roof. Each pole has 3 handles to ensure safety when ascending and descending the roof of your house.

Goat Steep 4

Goat Steep 5

The GOAT Steep Assist was tested with 200 lbs of tension of sand bags and was successful. This ensures that you’ll be able to withstand a free fall in the case of a shingle falling from underneath your feet and you grabbing on.

Whether you have a steep roof or just need an extra hand climbing the your rooftop in general, the GOAT is the solution for you.

Goat Steep 6

Goat Steep 7

Available Here.

Watch the demo down below!


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