Sink Twice: Use Soapy Sink Water to Clean Your Toilet When Flushed

When you’re in the bathroom, you’re using a lot of water through different things: running the sink, the shower, flushing the toilet and more! This usage not only wastes water but also racks up your water bill.

Using Sink Twice, you can reduce that bill while saving yourself water at home. The Sink Twice lets you reuse the soapy sink water you waste when washing your hands, to clean your toilet when flushed.

Sink Twice 1

Sink Twice 2

On the side, is a basin with plenty of room for you to place your flat soap holder or container. It fits toilets that are 16.75″ wide, but can accommodate wider toilets with an expansion kit. Approximately 29% of users have a 16.75″ wide toilet, but it’s recommended you should measure in case you do need an expansion kit.

Sink Twice 3

The great part about it is that it combines a sink and toilet flush in one – saving you space. It also can detect toilet leaks!

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The patent pending “fill cycle diversion” allows Sink Twice to be a competitive faucet for water efficiency. It’s a nifty little way to save water while not sacrificing much usability.

Whether you’re looking for a way to save water, or save the bills from racking up so quickly, the Sink Twice can solve both.

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Available Here.

Watch the demo down below!


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