He Got Sent Home from Work for Wearing Shorts, So He Follows the Female Dress Code Instead

Working in the summer can be a bit of a drag. The weather is perfect for relaxing on the beach or taking a long walk in the park, but you’re mostly stuck inside—and bless your soul if the fans or air conditioning aren’t working.

If you have a particular dress code at work, the warm weather might be even more of a beast.

Joey Barge, a 20 year old call center worker in Buckinghamshire, faced this exact same problem recently.

He posted on Twitter asking about a modification to his office’s dress code.

Only to find out his company wasn’t too impressed.

So he decided to follow the company dress code—but with a twist.

And in case you thought he was just wearing this for Twitter . . .

In the end, he won the summer dress code war.

Good on him for making a much-needed point about dress codes being taken to an unreasonable extreme! Hopefully other offices will follow this new procedure.


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