Pictures From Central Portugal Show Why Firefighters Don’t Get Enough Recognition For Their Work

When natural disasters occur, it’s devastating for everyone that’s involved. But this forest fire in Central Portugal is more than just a usual natural disaster.

Central Portugal is seeing one of the worst tragedies in modern history. The nation has been experiencing many massive disastrous forest fires that have claimed over 60 lives.

And although the 1700 firefighters are doing everything they can, the fires continue to rage.

One image revealing exhausted firefighters is now going viral and once you take a look at it, it’s clear to see why. It perfectly captures how the firefighters are working day and night bravely trying to save and help civilians lives.

The photo shows how exhausted Portuguese firefighters resting on a lawn after working long and endless hours.

“After a full day and a whole night’s work, we took a rest and rested for 25 minutes by the river, you can see that the air is dense with smoke,” Pedro (the uploader) writes on Facebook.


Many comments have been posted under the photo with people showing their respects for these hard working men.

It’s amazing to see respect like this being shown, and it just shows to firefighters (all over the world) that they deserve our deepest respect for bravely risking their lives to save others.


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