Grandpa on Death Bed, Moves for the First Time When Nurses Help Sneak in His Dog

David King was on his death bed in a hospital Missouri after a long and arduous battle with cancer. With his entire family at his side to see him off, they realized that not everyone was really there. His lovable canine companion Lil Fee was stuck at home, not getting the chance to say goodbye to his best friend. As soon as nurses began hearing about it, they stepped into gear.

Hospitals have a reputation of being cold at times towards extraneous accommodations but not this time. They saw that Mr King was fading away and that giving him the chance to see his pooch again would mean the world to him. They suggested that Mr King’s wife sneak in the small Yorkie mix in a large handbag. Without hesitation she set off to retrieve the little dog!

The situation was brought to the world’s attention when Mr King’s granddaughter posted her grandma’s and the nurse’s exploits on Twitter. Everyone has either been affected or know some that has been affected by cancer and know that it is a rough battle. Every little win one can get is worth going above and beyond for. Even on his last leg, getting to see Lil Fee put Mr King at peace.

As Mrs King came back with the little Yorkie and placed him on Mr King, something the family hadn’t seen in a while happened: Mr King moved! Having been lying there motionless, he put all the last strands of energy he could muster into cajoling his beloved canine best friend.

The very next day, happy to have said goodbye to everyone, Mr King passed away. May he rest in peace, and may we remember him at his best. He can truly rest with the thought that his passing away tale will live on as one of true love and companionship for the whole world to see!


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