LuminAID Solar Powered Garden: The Ultimate Transformable Wireless Lanterns

The LuminAID Solar-Powered Garden is perfect for the person who loves outdoor parties! They’re solar lanterns that you control completely through your smartphone.

Connect with the corresponding smartphone app to control the lanterns individually or in groups, set light schedules, remotely control brightness, and charge using solar or magnetic charging.

The star style unfolds easily and can be hung from ceilings and roof decks. The stars also have cool and warm LEDs, letting you control the color temperature brightness.

The gem style is great for lighting anything from pools to pathways, and they open and close with a watertight valve. They also feature multicolored LEDs.

Charging is easy—simply use solar power or connect with a USB to get your lights ready for your next get-together.

Available Here.

Watch the demo down below!


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LuminAID Solar-Powered Garden
Available in gem or star styles