Heartbroken Goat Refuses to Eat for 6 Days, Then They Bring in His Lost Best Friend

We as humans share a special bond between each other and grow attached in some cases. In some instances, it can even happen to animals of different species.

For Mr.G, a goat, it happened when he arrived in Grass Valley, California, extremely malnourished and suffering.

This poor little guy wouldn’t eat and simply couldn’t be cheered up in any way shape or form. He would lay in the corner by himself and feeding him special treats wouldn’t even budge.

He had lost all appetite over the 6 days and there seemed like there was no hope. The rescuers were very concerned at this point and didn’t know what to do.

They ruled out health problems and decided to do some digging. After researching a bit about his past,they realized that he has just been separated from his best friend of 10 years.

Mr.G , and his friend “Jellybean” have both relied on each other for support being that they spent 10 years together in a 12-foot by 12-foot dirt plot.

The rescuers knew they could bring the goat back and went on to track down where his long lost burro friend was.

They finally reunited after the days apart, Mr.G began to eat again with loads of excitement.

Watch the video to see the reunification!


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