HoleRoll: Turn Your Room’s Windows into the World’s Most Famous Skylines

The HoleRoll blackout blinds turn your windows into world-famous skylines! These custom-cut curtains make your room look like it’s covered in the charming night sky.

The secret is in the holes in the fabric—they’re cut precisely to mimic the real-life view of New York City and London.

At night time, they have the opposite effect—you’ll see the beautiful skyline from the outside looking in.

The curtains are made from German fabric with 0% light transmission, and the back is coated with glossy, white material to prevent the room from getting hot on sunny days.

You can even get curtains looking like the night sky—perfect for people who can’t see the stars from where they live or work!

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HoleRoll Cutout Blackout Curtains
Available in three styles