Hobie Mirage Eclipse: Walk on Water With This Pedal-Powered Board

The Mirage Eclipse pedalboard from Hobie is the world’s first pedal-powered paddle board. By using your legs, you can go at faster speeds compared to a traditional paddle board and have more control by steering using fingertip controls. The board is lightweight and durable making it easier to set up and transport giving you more time on the water.

Paddle Board 1

Paddle Board 2

With a length of 3.2m and a width of 0.85m, the Mirage Eclipse comes in at a lightweight of 54 lbs fully rigged, making it the perfect way for some portable cardio on the water. Since the board is wider than a paddle board, the Mirage Eclipse also withstands winds, waves and wake better.

Paddle Board 3

The Mirage Eclipse easily goes right on to your car, dock or boat to be transported to wherever you please. The rudder and handlebar can be removed to make the board much easier to attach and move around.

Paddle Board 4

Paddle Board 5

Ride solo or get a crew to join you pedal boarding! It’s the perfect way to enjoy summer and the beautiful water and waves. The Mirage Eclipse is available in two models: 10-5 (original size) and 12-10 (slightly larger).

Paddle Board 6

Available Here.

Watch the demo down below!


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Mirage Eclipse 10-5 / 12-10
3.2m x 0.85m / 3.66m x 0.89m