Multi-Cut 3-In-1 Cutting Tool: Versatile Cutter Cuts Through Any Material

The Multi-Cut 3-in-1 Cutting Tool from Allstar Innovations is a unique, versatile cutter that can cut through all types of materials such as: rope, wood, leather, rubber, wire, carpet, drywall and more! It does this by combining 3 cutting tools in one: a powerful cutter that cuts through thick & rigid materials, a titanium coated wire cutter to cut through wires, and a retractable utility knife that retracts to expose a blade for cutting boxes.

Cutting Tool 1

Cutting Tool 2

Cutting Tool 3

Each Multi-Cut tool includes 5 solid steel blades, 1 is pre-installed, and 4 of the blades are replacements that are conveniently stored in the handle should you ever need to use them. Take caution should you need to change the blades or re-position them.

Cutting Tool 4

When the Multi-Cut tool is not in use, it’s recommended to keep it safety locked by pushing the switch. This is great for keeping it away from children while making sure they’re protected at all times.

Cutting Tool 5

It’s the perfect addition to any person’s toolbox saving you space, time and money by using 1 tool instead of 3!

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Multi-Cut 3-in-1 Cutting Tool
Includes 4 replacement steel blades

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