Fill N Zip: Collapsible Zip Cups Make Filling Seal-Top Bags Mess-Free

The Fill n Zip is a collapsible cup that’s been designed to securely hold a quart or gallon sized seal-top bags while you fill them with food, soup or leftovers. Simply tuck the seal-top bag inside, wrapping it around the rim. This keeps it out of the way as the food is poured in from your pot or pan, making it mess-free.

Collapsible Filling Cup 1

Collapsible Filling Cup 2

The Fill n Zip is made with silicone that is flexible for collapsible storage and a wide base so that it won’t fall over. If that wasn’t enough, the bottom can suction down onto a clean, smooth surface to remain secure for those who have shaky hands or poor coordination.

Collapsible Filling Cup 3

Collapsible Filling Cup 4

Made from the same creators who created the viral Zip n Store seal-top bags organizer, the Fill n Zip is guaranteed to be durable and long-lasting with a lifetime warranty.

Collapsible Filling Cup 5

Collapsible Filling Cup 6

It’s the perfect way to get your kids to help out in the kitchen. It’s so simple – even the kids can’t make a mess with it!

Collapsible Filling Cup 7

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