babocush: The Rocker That Soothes Your Baby Hands-Free

Getting a baby to fall asleep is no easy task—dozens of old wives tales are devoted to helping stressed mothers soothe their fussy babies. But if these don’t work, what can you do to settle your crying newborn?


Enter the Babocush, the swaddling cushion designed to mimic the mother’s body so your baby can fall asleep with ease.


The secret is in the battery-operated heartbeat simulator. It mimics the mother’s heartbeat, relaxing your baby even when he’s nowhere near his mother’s chest!


Simply attach the cushion to a rocker or lie it on a non-slip floor, strap your baby in with the fleece harness, and that’s it—your baby will be soothed to sleep in no time.


Because the Babocush holds your baby the same way the mother does and contains gentle vibration, it can reduce crying from colic and relieves pain from wind and gas!


The best part is clean up from any spills or body fluids is a breeze—the fleece cover and mattress protector are machine washable and the mattress and heartbeat simulator can be wiped clean!


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Watch the demo down below!


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