Rovr RollR: Cooler Attaches to Your Bike for Easy Transport

The RollR Cooler from Rovr is the all-terrain attacking cooler that’s designed to carry your campsite, tailgate or party wherever you can go. But, what defines the RollR Cooler is the optional BikR kit that allows you to attach a magical tow arm to it, letting you bike your cooler around! No more lugging around the cooler with you arms, easily haul your cooler to and from the park, market or party.

Cooler Bike 1

Cooler Bike 2

Each cooler rides on 9-inch all-terrain tires that are mounted on five-spoke aluminum hubs ensuring fast travel while being durable. An airtight gasket and thick foam insulation gives you up to 10 days of ice retaining. A dry bin also allows you to organize your cooler just as you would with your fridge at home.

Cooler Bike 3

Cooler Bike 4

The aluminum handle is a pull-beside dual handle that lets two people carry it from both sides. Both left and right sides have padding for comfortability. The RollR also has 6 anchor points allowing you to attach accessories that can help you prep for your trip.

Cooler Bike 5

Cooler Bike 6

The RollR is available in 3 models: 60 Quart, 80 Quart and 85 Quart. It’s also available in multiple colors such as: Orange, Green, White, Blue and Pink.

Available Here.

Watch the demo down below!


Where To Buy

RollR Cooler
60 Quart, 80 Quart, or 85 Quart models

$399 – $449
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BikR Kit
Biking attachment for cooler

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