Holmatro Door Blaster: Breach Doors Quickly Without the Noise

The Door Blaster from Holmatro is a solution for SWAT teams, police units and Special Operations Forces for breaking into doors without the debris and loud noises from explosives. A combination of low visibility, quiet operation, and quick and easy use allows the Door Blaster to open doors in seconds with just a push of a button. It’s most suitable for quiet use in stealth operations and can be entirely installed and operated by one person.

Door Blaster 1

Door Blaster 2

With a press of a button, the Door Blaster extends and clamps in the door frame. In just seconds, the door opens by using a quick release function that drops the tool and silently opens the door. All of this is done by remote control, giving the operator a safe distance away from the door.

Door Blaster 3

Door Blaster 4

Each Door Blaster is equipped with a pneumatic-hydraulic drive allowing the operation to be done in seconds with little to no sound from the pump. Additionally, the Door Blaster can be paired with the optional Holmatro Door Blaster Pack that has quick-release clasps for immediate release.

Door Blaster 5

The Door Blaster is available in 3 different models: HDR 50 ST, HDB 90 ST, and HDO 100 ST. Each model varies in different extension lengths and sounds.

Door Blaster 6

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