Rocket Fishing Rod: Kids Fishing Pole Shoots Bobber Instead of Casting

The Rocket Fishing Rod is a kids-friendly fishing pole that accurately launches its line up to 30 feet. It has a safety bobber that safely hides the hook and bait until it lands in the water. It’s a simple 3-step mechanism: pumping the rod, launching the rod and then reeling the fish in. This simple way makes it fun for kids to fish!

The Rocket Fishing Rod is recommended for kids 8 years of age or older.

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The Rocket Fishing Rod is made with hi-tech precision engineering and rugged ABS construction. Its patented design allows it to stand up to tougher outdoor use. No more annoying snags or tears during your fishing trip with the family!

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Measuring 5.8″ x 4″ x 30.8″ in size, the Rocket Fishing Rod weighs just under 2 lbs, making it perfect for easy transport and portability. Since it’s so small and compact, your whole family can rock them on your next fishing trip!

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Each Rocket Fishing Rod includes: 1 safety bobber, 2 hooks, 150 feet of 8-pound test fishing line, 2 line stops, 1 weight and complete instructions to help you get started.

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Watch the demo down below!


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