Hopoli Duvet Cover Changer: Change Your Duvet Cover Effortlessly

Changing a duvet cover can be a painful task— the bigger the duvet is, the tougher it is.

But with the Hopoli cover changer, it can be done in less than a minute!

In few simple steps, it lets you put on a duvet cover, uncover a duvet and even fold bed sheets.

Start by placing the Hopoli over your door.

Then grab the corners of the cover from the inside, and place them on the lower hook.

Use the second hook to hold the cover.

Then secure the corners of the duvet…

And pull down!

Changing a duvet cover is no longer a chore. Thanks to its clever design, duvet corners stay in place inside the cover, and edges fit neatly.

Wether you have a single or king size duvet, you’ll never be on your own again to change your bed sheets.

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below!


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Hopoli Duvet Cover Changer