The Ollie Chair: The Shape-Shifting Chair for Space Saving

Perfect for those who want to save space around the house, this fully functioning chair retracts to as thin as 2 inches in thickness.

The Ollie Chair, designed by the company ‘RockPaperRobot’ has created a space-saving chair that is both suitable for indoor and outdoor uses.

The main attraction to the Ollie Chair is the way it folds up and is able to be used as a sturdy ordinary chair.

By simply lifting the folded chair and tilting it forward, the chair comes to life and both the legs and the seat is revealed to act as a solid everyday chair.

The main body is crafted from aluminum and the default tambour is made out of teak, it is weather-resistant which is great for outdoor environments.

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Watch the demo video down below!


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The Ollie Chair