Hyde Tools Stir Whip: Mix Virtually Any Materials

If you work in construction, the Hyde Tools Stir Whip Mixer is perfect for you! It’s designed to mix together virtually any material you’re working with.


The end is flexed to fit through a variety of openings, including a five gallon pour spout. This lets you use it without opening your bucket! It gives you maximum lift from the bottom of the container, making the most of your materials.


Simply attach the tool to your drill, and watch it work its magic on your viscous materials. It’s an all-purpose mixer that won’t stress your drill—both the mixer and your drill will last you for many years to come!


It has a low drag for mixing thick materials, using less power. This reduces battery drain on your drill, giving you more bang for your buck. Plus, it can clean up in seconds—run the mixer through water and you’re done!


This mixer is perfect for mixing anything you need!


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Watch the demo down below!


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Hyde Tools Stir Whip