Willow Breast Pump: The Easiest Way to Pump Your Milk

If you have a hard time finding the time to pump your milk, the Willow Breast Pump is perfect for you! It’s designed to pump your milk right from inside your bra.


The pump is an all-in-one design without any cords or dangling bottles hanging off you. It works quietly inside your bra throughout the day—you can feel free to do all your daily activities without slowing down!


With the corresponding smartphone app, Willow tracks the milk you pump during the day—it also tells you pumping time, and you can see your past pumping sessions! You only need to put together a few pieces, and the unit is easy to clean.


It works quietly, letting you take a conference call or watch your favorite show as you pump. It can sense your letdown and transition into the expression phase—Willow listens to your body and gives you what you need.


If you need a breast pump that keeps up with your lifestyle, check out this option!


Available Here.


Watch the demo down below!


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Willow Pump
Available in two colors and several sizes