Hydra Shower Rod: One Is Good Enough but Why Not Have Two?

Does your back ever feel lonely because it’s not getting any hot water?

Maybe you can just turn around but it just doesn’t feel comfortable enough?

The Hydra shower rod will make you feel like a king when you take a shower.

It’s a shower rod that adds an extra shower head on the other side of the shower so you’ll never have to feel cold again.

The rod attaches to your current shower head and can be easily installed to any ordinary shower.

It takes the water and pressure from your existing shower and brings it around to give you a truly unbelievable shower experience.

Distinctive and generous, the Hydra has a simple design that looks great in any bathroom.

To use the Hydra, simply tighten the tensioners against the wall and ensure they are firmly in place.

Then, add the adapter between the water output and your shower head and screw everything back together.

The Hydra Shower rod can fit any shower between 3ft and 7ft which allows it to fit in virtually any shower.

The best thing about the shower head?

Each Hydra is custom made to your measurements to allow for a seamless installation.

Completely change your shower experience and get yourself a Hydra Shower Rod!

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below!


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