Solar Buzz Kill: Zap Annoying Insects Instantly

Do you hate when pesky insects bother you when you’re outside with your friends and family? The Solar Buzz Kill is perfect for you! It’s designed to eliminate insects around you quickly and effectively.


It’s a safe, hygienic, and chemical-free way to get rid of bugs in your yard! It uses solar PV technology to charge during the day, getting power to generate the UV light. This light then attracts the flies or mosquitoes, then quickly eliminates them.


Emptying it is incredibly hygienic—simply twist off the top and dump it in the garbage. You never have to touch dead insects! It works at any time when the unit isn’t picking up any light. To use it during the day, take it down from where it is being charged and place it on an opaque surface.


Because it uses solar technology, you don’t need to worry about pesky wiring and batteries! It’s compact and portable—you can take it anywhere, from a picnic to a friend’s backyard party. It also has four suction pads for good mounting.


Plus, it has an easy-access on and off switch!


Available Here.


Watch the demo down below!


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Solar Buzz Kill