Tooth Shower: Brush, Flush and Massage with the Same Tool

Do you ever consider not flossing because you think a toothbrush is good enough?

Want to begin taking better care of your teeth without the need to floss?

Satisfy your want with the ToothShower!

A revolutionary complete oral care device that will keep your teeth healthy and clean!

Tooth Shower

The ToothShower is a machine that uses the water from your shower and provides a gentle jetstream that will clean the areas that your toothbrush missed.

Tooth Shower 2

The device is to be used in the shower which uses the water pressure in your shower so there are no plugs to trip over or batteries to charge.

And because you’re already in the shower, there’s never any mess to clean up after.

Tooth Shower 3

Brush, flush and massage all in one system with the 3 different types of attachments.

Tooth Shower 4

The dual-headed toothbrush hits both the front and back and side of your teeth simultaneously, ensuring you won’t miss a spot.

Tooth Shower 5

The irrigating tip flushes water between your teeth like a water flosser and works especially well for braces to pinpoint spots that your toothbrush can’t reach.

Tooth Shower 6

Lastly, the irrigating gum massager works at the gums with the seven jets of water that stimulates important blood flow in your gums and removes debris from between your teeth.

Tooth Shower 7

Just hold the massager up to your gum tissue and move from side to side to get in between all the spaces.

Tooth Shower 8

Installation is easy, just attach the wall plate using the waterproof adhesive and lock the console onto the wall plate.

Tooth Shower 9

Tooth Shower 10

Next, remove the showerhead and screw the diverter valve to the shower plumbing.

Tooth Shower 11

Connect the ToothShower to the diverter valve and attach the showerhead back to the diverter valve.

Tooth Shower 12

Tooth Shower 13

Tooth Shower 14

Now you’re ready to enjoy a clean and healthy smile!

Give yourself a clean like never before and get yourself a Tooth Shower!

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below!


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