Infantino Squeeze Station: Create On-The-Go Baby Food Pouches and Toddler Snacks

Have trouble finding nutritious food and snacks for your children?

Want to make them your own delicious treats but have no way of taking it on the go?

Infantino is here to save the day!

It’s a squeeze station that allows you to fill puréed homemade foods into bags and take it on the go.

You can create your own pouches of food easily and conveniently without worrying about where you can find healthy foods when outside.

Serve your own homemade baby food, applesauce, yogurt and even smoothies with the Infantino.

Simply insert the squeeze pouch into the squeeze station and pour your purée in it.

Then, press down on the pouches to fill them up and enjoy!

Now your child can have a proper homemade meal from the pouch and you won’t have to worry about buying unhealthy foods outdoors!

The squeezer station fills three pouches at the same time and features a soft no-slip rubber-press.

The pouches have a capacity of 4 oz. of liquid and the station includes clear tubes to help measure how much each pouch should hold.

The station is easy to store and dishwasher safe, making it the perfect device that all parents should have.

The company behind the Infantino Squeeze Station also have refill pouches, reusable silicone pouches, spoon attachments and even more products on their product line.

Feed your children your own homecooked meals with the Infantino Squeeze Station.

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below!


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