Reel Quik Hitch: Hook Up on the First Try Every Time

Ever had problems trying to connect your trailer to your car?

You keep trying to back it up straight but it takes forever to line it up correctly?

Don’t fuss anymore with the Hitchific Reel Quik Hitch!

It’s a trailer hitch that can make connecting your trailer onto your car a breeze.

Easy to install and use, you’ll be able to hook up your trailer without needed a second pair of eyes!

Moving a heavy trailer can cause a strained back or other injury but you can reduce that risk with the Quik Hitch!

Simply use the crank to extend the hitch outwards and towards your trailer.

Then position the Quik Hitch underneath your trailer and lower it onto the hitch.

Lastly, crank the Quik hitch back to your vehicle and lock it all in place.

The Reel Quik Hitch will save you time, reduce frustration and reduce the chance of damage to your vehicle.

It is able to adjust in any direction up to 15 inches to easily connect your trailer without having to back up directly up to it.

It features a towing capacity of 6000lbs and fits any standard 2″ receiver.

Hook up your trailer on the first try every time with the Reel Quik Hitch.

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below!


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Hitchrific Reel Quik Hitch
6,000 lb Towing Capacity


Hitchrific Reel Quik Hitch HD
10,000 lb Towing Capacity