InRoad Toys PlayTape: Create Your Own Roads for Playtime

Do you want to set up your own race track but don’t have any track? The PlayTape is perfect for you! It’s designed to quickly create the look of a real roadway.


It’s made in the USA, non-toxic, and third-party tested to meet all child safety requirements—your child can play worry-free! It’s also safe for use on floors and walls—it won’t leave a mark or residue.


With the high-quality PlayTape, kids can create their own roadways and highways from their imagination. There’s virtually no set-up required—simply lay down the tape and you’ve created your own universe!


Because the tape is paper-based, you don’t need any scissors to cut off pieces! This makes it safe for kids to use on their own. Plus, clean-up is quick and easy—simply peel off the tape and your floors and walls are back to normal.


If you’ve always wanted to create your own roads, the PlayTape is for you!


Available Here.


Watch the demo down below!


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InRoad Toys PlayTape
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