Murphy Door: Create a Hidden Passage in Your Home

Do you want to create a secret passageway in your home? The Murphy Door hinges are perfect for you! They’re designed to let you create a secret door system with almost anything.


If you have a regular door or a cabinet door, you can design and build your own hidden door system with this hinge. You can have an inswing or an outswing, and you can have it left or right hinged. The possibilities are endless!


Have you always wanted to create a secret bookshelf passageway? Look no further than this hinge! It can carry 1160 lbs. of dynamic load, and 540 lbs. of static load. Plus, it’s 100% made in the USA, supporting the local economy.


It’s a 100% concealed doorway system, and it’s simple to build. The install has a lifetime warranty, letting you enjoy your secret passageway worry-free! It’s a completely DIY project—perfect for building on a lazy Sunday afternoon.


If you want to add a unique touch to your home, this is the perfect solution.


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Watch the demo down below!


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Murphy Door Hinge System