Invis Mx2 Starter Kit: The Fastener That’s Completely Invisible

Do you want to build something but don’t want the nuts and bolts to show? The Invis Mx2 Starter Kit is perfect for you! It’s designed to join your furniture in a way that doesn’t show the fasteners.


This joinery system has 60% higher clamping force, and it has 250 kg clamping force per connector! The workpieces are detachable in seconds, and they remain completely invisible no matter what—the fasteners are powerfully joined.


The starter kit comes with a 20 pack of fasteners, a minimag, drill bit, insertion tools, bushing, insertion tools, perforated plate, three pins, and a flexible shaft. The kit has everything you need for invisible installation.


They fix and lock your components together, ensuring they don’t move anywhere! They’re made with a rare earth magnet that comes from Switzerland, saving you time while remaining aesthetically pleasing.


If you need an effective and beautiful solution, these fasteners are perfect for you!


Available Here.


Watch the demo down below!


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Invis Mx2 Starter Kit